CCDP exam - dubbio domande

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CCDP exam - dubbio domande

Postby Lory9191 » Mon 11 Feb , 2019 7:31 pm

Buonasera a tutti,
purtroppo è la seconda volta che non riesco a passare per un soffio l'esame CCDP.
Vorrei chiedere a voi un aiuto sulle risposte ad alcune domande. (le ho provate a cercare su internet ma trovo risposte differenti quindi per favore non ditemi quello che trovate su internet :D )
- "What added enforcement feature is available on IDS-based devices to terminate active malicious traffic?" [ho risposto A]
A. Signature detection
B. TCP reset
C. SNMP alert
D. Layer 4 filtering

- "While configuring a QoS policy, analysis of the switching infrastructure indicates that the switches support 1P3Q3T egress queuing. Which option describes the egress queuing in the infrastructure?" [ho risposto C]
A. The threshold configuration allows for inter-queue QoS by utilizing buffers.
B. The priority queue must contain real-time traffic and network management traffic.
C. The 1P3Q3T indicates one priority queue, three standard queues, and three thresholds.
D. The priority queue should use less than 20% of the total bandwidth.

Grazie molte
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